Literacy To End Poverty


The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation's Soul Solution program focuses on advancing and strengthening programs that make self-sufficiency possible for the world's poor. The Soul Solution program is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and alleviating unnecessary human suffering.

Led by Mark Victor Hansen and an independent board of trustees, the Foundation builds hope by engaging with world leaders, entrepreneurs and government officials, finding and funding the best and most effective programs, and developing partnerships to produce optimum results. The Foundation collaborates with partners who share in our vision to improve or expand on their already existing programming by providing financial and programmatic resources. Through the backing of our financial partnerships, the Foundation provides the support necessary to empower those in need, working towards our shared goal to end world poverty.


The Young Entrepreneurial Challenge looks forward to becoming the foremost entrepreneurial competition and a "rallying" point for young entrepreneurs throughout the United States. This competition is open to any individual from the age of thirteen to nineteen. The individual applicant must be the existing or proposed principle owner or president of the represented business or corporation.

This challenge is open to teens throughout the United States. There are two categories to this challenge. The first category is focused toward teenagers who have developed and are managing an existing business. The second category is focused toward teenagers who are interested in developing a new business and are willing to put their new business ideas to the test. These two categories are further divided into three sub-categories: Enlightened Technologies-innovative products that define a segment of a new market, or transform an existing one; Positive Social Impact-creating a business that would affect the environment positively, promote peace, decrease poverty or promote social justice; Global Market Potential-a business best suited to global markets.

Our influential network of business leaders embrace student entrepreneurship and are proud to support our participants throughout this challenge with scheduled tele-conferencing sessions focused in the areas of: protecting intellectual property, being a founder, creating a winning team, smart marketing, and going global. The 2008 competition will run from August 15, 2008 to December 15, 2008. Winners will be notified on January 1, 2009. A formal awards ceremony presenting the winners will be held during the Soul Motion Ball-Rockin' The Universe gala event in Southern California on January 31, 2009.


The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation supports the growing needs of men, women and children throughout the world who are illiterate. The Foundation views literacy as a basic human right and integral to the solutions for poverty, access to health care, and educating children. Studies have shown, that a one level increase in literacy can mean an average of 10 percent increase in income. Literacy is critical for generating broad economic development across countries or regions. The Foundation's Bookmarks program supports the establishment of libraries and schools around the world with funding, entrepreneurial literacy content (deliverable in all physical and digital mediums: live trainings, books, audio, video, podcasts), and other educational materials to aide in personal and professional development.


The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation is honored to meet the needs of the 21st century by providing young adults with an entrepreneurially driven empowerment program called The Free Enterprise Scholars Program. The Free Enterprise Scholars Program is a series of four-day programs held in conjunction with the Mark Victor Hansen MEGA University events.

This program provides an opportunity for scholars ages eighteen to twenty-two, who are enrolled in high school, college or university to attend MEGA events as a collective group, immersing them in an environment that encourages today's young adults to create, design, market, and commercialize technologies, products and services that financially benefit themselves, their families and their local communities. The scholars are provided with the resources they need and the encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking that is vital to generate a thriving future global economy. Participants identify how their natural gifts and passions can make a difference in the world leaving the program as empowered global thinkers and visionaries.