What Ailments Can Amoxicillin Cure?

Whether you admit it or not, amoxicillin has been the most popular antibiotics ever since and almost everybody has already tried to use the drug to cure infection at least once in their lives. Since amoxicillin is a very common drug, you might wonder as well as a curious consumer – what illnesses can amoxicillin be used for treatment? This article will give you a short overview; however take note that nothing can replace a doctor’s diagnosis and prescription so if you think you are having symptoms and doubts, better to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

When you go to a drugstore to buy antibiotics for infection, your first question to the pharmacists might be – can amoxicillin cure this infection? It is a very common culture to us to buy medications over the counter because often times a doctor’s prescription is very expensive and unnecessary. If you ask can amoxicillin cure a certain infection – the simple answer is to simply know what kind of infection you have. If it is bacterial in nature, then the answer is a YES. The drug amoxicillin is popular for killing almost any types of bacteria that cause wide variety of infections. Let us say you have an infection of the ear. If it is caused by bacteria, then amoxicillin is your best choice. We mentioned clearly that your ear infection should be caused by bacteria before you can use amoxicillin for treatment. Not all ear infections are caused by bacteria; some may be caused by viral or fungal infection. Common skin infections like boils can also be cured using amoxicillin. Other common bacterial infections which you can use amoxicillin are the following – tonsilitis, throat infection, pneumonia caused by bacteria, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and gonorrhea.


For what other ailments can amoxicillin be used? Often times, we do not just use one type of medication to cure a particular health condition, especially if it involves some complications. For example, stomach ulcers especially those caused by H. Pylori can be treated with amoxicillin in combination with other antibiotics like Biaxin. It does not mean though that amoxicillin is not effective; some drugs are just good partners in battling certain conditions because each drug have different effects.


Last concern, if you have ailments that need antibiotics, it is a wise action to know first the origin of the infection. If misdiagnosed, you may not be able to treat the infection with amoxicillin. Some infections could be viral, parasitic or fungal in nature in which amoxicillin may have no effects. There are other dedicated drugs which can be used for these types of infections. When it comes to bacterial infections, amoxicillin is usually the best option. Depending on the gravity of your condition and the complications present, your doctor might prescribe you to take amoxicillin in combination with other medications to get the full healing benefits.


Your doctor may also prescribe you with amoxicillin for other purposes which may not be mentioned in this article. For whatever reason, you should inquire your doctor about what can amoxicillin do to your body if you have doubts, and why you are being prescribed with the antibiotic.