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Finasteride Dosage – What are the Differences?

If you have heard about finasteride before, chances are the finasteride you heard was either for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or male pattern baldness.  While the component for both finasteride treatments are just the same, the difference in finasteride dosage is however what dictates the treatment.  In the beginning, such difference in finasteride dosage actually did not exist as Merck, the pharmaceutical company that developed finasteride, actually only intended the drug as a treatment for BPH.  However, it was later found out that a simple finasteride dosage difference can actually be used for treating hair loss issues in men.

The difference in treatment for the two finasteride dosage is actually very simple.  The finasteride dosage of 5mg is actually used for treating prostate enlargement.  Whereas the finasteride dosage of 1mg is used for treating hair loss issues caused by androgenic alopecia, a genetic hair loss trait manifested by pattern baldness.  These different finasteride dosage are actually very easy to discern when you use their branded name – Proscar for BPH and Propecia for male pattern baldness.  But since a lot of men these days prefer to use generic medications, identifying the two finasteride dosage should be cleared on what they actually intend to treat. Continue reading

The Effective Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

In the last few years, the world of medicine clearly has made remarkable feats when it comes to treating hair loss amongst men.  In the past, when someone is afflicted with male-pattern baldness, almost any doctor would tell their patient the bad news, that this is one thing that cannot be treated with the use of medicines or even surgery.  Fortunately, due to the creation of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors like Propecia (generic finasteride), men who suffer from hair loss or baldness will now be able to redeem their once-glorious crown of hair.  Of course, the results depend on the severity of the condition, the tolerance of the user, etc.

If you have suffered from hair loss or you are now suffering from it, for sure you have tried one way or the other some things that you have heard or seen on TV about hair loss treatments, and sadly, none of them worked out for you.  This is highly due to the fact that these hair loss treatments are not approved by the FDA, and they are only products created to seduce people (who are suffering from hair loss) to spend their precious money, letting them think that their product will work for them. Continue reading

Finasteride 1mg – Taking Hair Loss Treatment to the Next Level

Let’s face it, a bald head does not look good on everyone.  Normally, the only men that can sport a bald hair without looking bad are professional basketball players.  But still, not all of them are able to carry it off because simply put, a bald head does not suit most people.  If you are one of those people that do not look good bald, then it is likely that you will dread having androgenic alopecia.  This type of hair loss condition is genetically inherited.  This means if any of your immediate family has it, then there is a possibility that you may also have acquired it.  This form of balding condition is very easy to identify once it starts because it is characterized by a pattern type of baldness.

The reason why you lose hair with male pattern baldness is because the hair follicles become very thin that they are no longer able to support the growth of hair.  This immediate thinning of hair follicles does not happen overnight, but more like years.  Hair follicles become thin due to the excessive presence of dihydrotestosterone mixed with the genetic trait that you have in your scalp.  The thinning of hair becomes obvious when your scalp becomes visible through your hair.  This is actually the initial signs of the Continue reading

Treating Androgenic Alopecia with Finasteride Generic

Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for what many know as male pattern baldness and it accounts to nearly 95% of all hair loss in men.  In the United States, nearly 2/3 of men will encounter a degree of hair loss as soon as they reach the age of 35, and many of these men will experience a significant degree of hair loss as soon as they reach the age of 50.  In fact, there are some who are even unfortunate enough to experience this pattern baldness even before reaching the age of 21. Continue reading

Overcoming Male Pattern Baldness the Finasteride Way

When it comes to overcoming male pattern baldness, the subject always seems to be a matter of debate on how to properly address the issue.  In fact, the subject is quite controversial itself that any new product made for treating the male pattern baldness attracts a lot of members from the scientific community, the media, as well as from the mass male public who are seeking for a cure. Continue reading

Stress and Aging-related Hair Loss

Most people understand that hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness which comprises of more than 80% of all types of baldness, is hormonal or genetically-related.  For most, it will never really cross their mind that stress and aging can also be a factor when it comes to hair loss.  The truth is these two are even triggering factors androgenic alopecia.  Even if androgenic alopecia is in your blood, without triggering factors like stress and aging, you will not grow bald even if you wanted to. Continue reading

An Effective Treatment for MBP with Finasteride 1mg

Finasteride Description

Finasteride belongs to the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor which is a group of drugs with antiandrogenic activity. Finasteride 5mg per day has been approved in treating benign enlargement of the prostate (BEP) while Finasteride 1mg per day is a dosage used for the treatment of male pattern baldness (MPB). Continue reading