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Metronidazole and Alcohol – A Bad Combo

Have you been prescribed with metronidazole lately and advised not to get booze during treatment? You might probably hate this. But before you can completely hate your doctor you should be aware that there are dangers and risks when you combine metronidazole and alcohol together! The moment you visited your doctor to have your infectious disease checked, you should be choosing already between pleasure and treatment. We cannot avoid becoming bored sometime and desiring to have a glass of wine or a can of beer. Sometimes we drink to become social. We also drink when we are lonely, tired from the day’s work, happy, or just want to celebrate a very special event. However, once you are taking metronidazole should temporarily say goodbye to alcohol so that you can be healed right away. Moreover, you can avoid the dangerous side effects that metronidazole and alcohol combo could have.

According to experts, combining metronidazole and alcohol could enhance the side effects of the alcoholic beverage. Why is that so? Because metronidazole has a capability that slows down or prevents the breakdown of alcohol. Thus with metronidazole and alcohol together, the alcohol could stay longer in your body instead of being washed away immediately from your system. Ten minutes after taking the alcohol, you will experience the magnified effects which will stay for a couple of hours. Thus you get longer hang overs and have the drunkenness for longer periods. The drug reactions are still unpredictable, making the metronidazole and alcohol combo even more dangerous. Continue reading