Are HGH Supplements Safe?

Most of the growth spurt that a person will encounter will happen during his childhood and youth.  This type of growth is mostly initiated by the growth hormone that is secreted by the body’s pituitary gland.  If you look at the size of the pituitary gland, it may look very insignificant because it is roughly the size of a pea.  Nevertheless, the purpose of the pituitary gland cannot be denied because without the multitude of hormone it secretes, particularly the growth hormone, the full development of the body will not happen.

The pituitary gland is mostly active in secreting growth hormones during childhood and during early teens.  This is the very reason why most of the growth spurts occur during those stages.  Once you are past 35 years of age however, growth hormone secretion will be nearly around half of what you used to have and this level will continue to dwindle down until your body barely has enough growth hormones being produced.  This of course is the normal case.  Sadly, there are people who experience growth hormone deficiency during their childhood which is why their overall growth development does not fully ensue.  Fortunately though, HGH supplements are now available for supplementing HGH deficiency within the body.  Through the presence of online shops, you can now easily acquire HGH supplements even if you do not have any prescription.  If you are keen on using HGH supplements to increase your HGH levels due to the many benefits that this miracle product offers, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor first regarding HGH intake.

The Claims

Pharmaceutical companies, both local and abroad, that manufacture these hormonal supplements claim a lot of benefits that HGH supplement usage can offer.  These would include having a more youthful feeling, increase in stamina, better energy, age reversing qualities, better endurance, and higher libido.  Also, they claim that HGH is able to provide you with a better tone body, fat burning quality, provide you with better REM sleep, the improvement of hair growth, and many more.  When you sum it all up, the benefits that HGH can offer are really numerous which is why skeptics are asking whether these claims are true or are simply a lure to have more buyers for the product.  Due to the lack of any controlled clinical trials that results in uniform outcomes, naysayers are somewhat winning the argument.  However, for people who have tried using HGH supplements, they will attest to the effectiveness of the product even though they cannot actually pinpoint the benefit it has given them, but nevertheless feels a definite improvement in their daily living and mindset towards life.

HGH Supplements

There are two forms of HGH supplements – injections and pills.  The injection types introduces synthetic forms of growth hormones within the body, whereas the pill form are mostly releaser in action wherein which the ingredients of the pill creates an effect on the pituitary gland so it produces more growth hormones.  The difference is that injectables are more on the artificial growth hormone side and pill are more on the natural growth hormone production side.  The latter of course are the safest to use and do not require continual doctor monitoring.