An Overview on Aging and Its Causes

The effects of aging differ with every individual.  If you look at a group of youth of the same age, you will notice just how much physical similarities they have.  But if you look at this same group seventy years later, there will likely be a big difference not just on how other has aged much physically with hardly any energy, but also on how others have remained looking youthful and energetic.

One of the facts about aging is that the older we get, the more physically less similar we become with our peers.  The reason for this is not just about the life experiences that we have encountered, but oftentimes, genetics also plays a huge role in this.  If both your parent and your grandparent managed to live a long life without any known diseases or illnesses that can be passed on to their next generation, it is possible that you too will live a long life unless you get hit by an untimely death caused by accidents, diseases, of homicide.

If you are nearing the age of sixty or more, if you look at your old pictures of you and your childhood friends, you will see how very much similar you all are in terms of youthful appearance and physical sizes.  However, as you and your friends grew, some of you experienced may have experienced certain factors of life that may have had negative impacts on your physical appearance and wellbeing.  If some of you were born with hereditary conditions like diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, or possibly may have acquired certain medical conditions, then it is possible that those with medical conditions, hereditary or acquired, will look older than those who lived healthy without any known medical conditions or issues.

Although what was mentioned above is likely true, it is not always a reliable way of seeing who gets to grow older looking.  This is because the environment also plays a big role on the physical appearance of a person.  If you are living in a fast-paced life in the city, it is likely that you will grow wrinkles much earlier that those living a laidback life in the country.

The weird thing about aging is that all of us will experience it differently; hence, we also age differently.  Aging is an unavoidable part of life which we forever cannot change.  According to Wikipedia, the current life expectancy around the world is 67.2 years old.  We can either aim for that target or much higher, or we can succumb to death earlier on.

Additional Aging Factors

There are actually many exterior factors that can cause an increase on our physical aged looks.  Of course, the biggest contributing factor of this is lifestyle.  If you smoke frequently, habituate bars and clubs and drink excessive amounts of alcohol, then it is possible that you will look much older than the people with the same age as you.  Also, if you are frequently faced with stress and depression possibly due to financial issues, then these factors can greatly contribute to how you physically look in relations to aging.