A List of Frequently Asked Questions about HGH

The advent of HGH therapy is slowly becoming popular due to the many benefits and advantages it can provide the person who uses it.  Due to the popularity and the widespread beneficial claims it can provide, it simply cannot be helped that there will be frequently asked questions that will pile up regarding HGH.  Here is a list of the not-so common, but still frequently asked questions regarding HGH.

How do you lose weight by using HGH?

Daily regular exercise followed by a smart and healthy diet can without doubt help you lose weight.  In using HGH, you not only get the energy and stamina to give you more endurance in performing your exercise routines, but you also will have a better metabolic rate allowing you to burn fat faster, experience less fatigue, and recover faster after getting tired.  All of these can greatly contribute on your exercise routines, which in turn, allows you to lose more weight than when normally done.

How long do you need to use HGH?

Seniors will usually have life-changing experience through the use of HGH is why they need to use it for an indefinite period.  Adults may also benefit from the use of HGH which is why they can also elect to use it for an indefinite period.  Young adults and those who are still in their youth need not have hormonal therapy (unless they are growth hormone deficient) because their production of natural growth hormones is still at its peak production.

Will I Grow Taller if I Use HGH?

Those with pediatric GH deficiency can benefit greatly from the introduction of HGH in their system, allowing them to grow and mature normally like regular kids.  Also, if a person with normal GH levels is still in the growing stage, then the introduction of growth hormonal supplementation may allow the growth plates of their bones to grow, thus enabling them to grow a bit more than supposed to.  However, if you are way past beyond your growing point, then there will hardly be any changes even if you take GH supplementation.

Does Sex Life Really Improve with HGH Usage?

More than half of those that undergo HGH therapy report an increase in both libido and sexual performance.  Such high rate of report means that what others experience is not all just in their mind, but that it is an actual truth.  Perhaps the remaining percentage let their ego do the answering simply because they cannot admit that their performance just got better due to a supplement.  In fact, there are even who reports that HGH supplementation is actually a good cure for premature ejaculation.

What Happen When I Stop Taking HGH?

If you take growth hormone supplementation for its anti-aging properties, should you stop taking HGH after that, then the normal aging effects will continue without necessarily being accelerated due to the anti-aging you recently undergone.  This is actually a good thing because you wouldn’t want to age exponentially on the outside just because you stopped taking the therapy.