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How Tamoxifen Citrate Deal With Breast Cancer

Everyone can be a candidate of having cancer. In fact, according to medical experts, all humans produce cancer cells everyday and it is actually up to the immune system to eliminate those malignant cells. However if the immune system fails to do its function this is where the cancer cells grow and develop into a tumor. For now there are no drugs that can completely cure cancer although a lot of cancer patients have higher rates of survival when taking drugs in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. To fight breast cancer, the drug tamoxifen citrate is generally what the doctors would recommend their patients to take.

Women are generally at higher risk of getting breast cancer as compared to men. Most breast cancers in women are estrogen fed; meaning breast tumors are encouraged to grow and develop once they get In contact with the estrogen hormone. Unfortunately this hormone is very abundant among women. Second thing is that women with family histories of breast cancer are likely inclined to get the cancer also. Most doctor would recommend their high-risk patients even if the cancer has not yet started to take drugs to discourage the development of the tumor. Tamoxifen citrate is the safest drug you can take since it does not supress estrogen production but will only discourage the hormone from combining with the estrogen receptor cells.

For the cases of the male population, those suffering breast enlargement or also known as gynecomastia are more likely to have breast cancer. Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by the enlargement of the breast as a consequence of an increased levels of estrogen. This generally happens when a man begins to take steroids – a very popular chemical drug used for body building. Steroids basically lowers down the testosterone level or a hormone that makes a man into a man; but with testosterone a lower levels and estrogen at higher levels, the body will tend to develop more into a womanly physique. That is why after taking steroids, most body builders would take drugs like tamoxifen citrate to discourage this from happening. Moreover, tamoxifen citrate will protect them from developing gynecomastia and breast tumors. Continue reading