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Got Fungal Infection? Use Fluconazole 150mg

Fungal infections are basically microbial infections that are caused by fungus.  The use of antibiotic drugs against fungi is hardly ineffective and may even allow you to develop bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.  To treat fungal infections, you need to use antifungal creams and ointments for external infections, and fluconazole 150mg for infections that have already infiltrated the body.  There are times that both antifungal creams and fluconazole 150mg are used in tandem to treat skin infections that have already burrowed its way through the skin and bloodstream.

Fluconazole 150mg is basically an antifungal antibiotic drug.  The main use of fluconazole 150mg is the treatment of fungal infections the have already invaded part of the body which includes the mouth, the throat, the esophagus, the lungs, the bladder, the blood, and the genital area.  Fluconazole 150mg is a powerful antifungal treatment drug that is highly used by people that have weak immune system so as to prevent them from getting any fungal infection.  This will include people that are undergoing cancer treatment, have undergone some bone marrow transplant, or people with AIDS.  Fluconazole 150mg is however ineffective against viral infections such as colds or flu. Continue reading