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Avanafil Approval from the FDA Gives ED Treatment a New Name

Male penile impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is a male sexual condition wherein a man is unable to produce a useable erection for sexual intercourse.  There are many factors that cause this condition and all of them essentially inhibit men from having sex.  Sex is a very important activity for men and without it practically makes their manhood of no use.  Additionally, sex is very important for intimate activity between lovers and if this condition leaves the female dissatisfied, it may lead to infidelity or even relationship breakups.  Fortunately, highly efficient and effective ED medications are available.  The latest ED drug, avanafil, has been approved by the FDA of America as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Avanafil approval from the FDA is not lame feat because this drug has undergone through extensive research and development to get this avanafil approval.  In short, FDA’s avanafil approval is not a fluke and this avanafil approval is a well-deserved acknowledgement for the drug classification it belongs to which is PDE5 inhibitors.  This classification of drugs is also the same classification where the popular ED drug, Viagra, belongs to.  While it has been more than a decade since the release of Viagra prior to the FDA’s avanafil approval, the latter nevertheless is very much capable of competing with the big boys of ED treatment as avanafil is also very much effective in treating ED issues and that gaining avanafil approval is an acknowledgement that is very much highly regarded by the users. Continue reading

It Is More Economical and Practical to Get Your Sildenafil Citrate Online

Viagra is one of the leading treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED).  This amazing drug not only pioneered ED medication, but it also paved a way to a new industry of treatment medications called PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, getting yourself some Viagra will definitely get you that erection you need for a successful sexual intercourse.  The problem though is that even if Viagra is very effective in treating impotence, it can be very expensive, especially if you are sexually active.  Fortunately, there is a generic alternative to Viagra and that is sildenafil citrate.

Buying sildenafil citrate from your local pharmacy is not very easy as most drugstores and pharmacies will usually only cater the branded version.  Your best bet in getting this generic ED medication will be to buy your sildenafil citrate online.  There are actually many online shops that cater to sildenafil citrate online.  In fact, some web shops even specifically cater to only sildenafil citrate online only.  They sell only sildenafil citrate online and nothing more.  This can be somewhat fortunate because it makes it much easier for you to get your sildenafil citrate online. Continue reading