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Finasteride Dosage – What are the Differences?

If you have heard about finasteride before, chances are the finasteride you heard was either for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or male pattern baldness.  While the component for both finasteride treatments are just the same, the difference in finasteride dosage is however what dictates the treatment.  In the beginning, such difference in finasteride dosage actually did not exist as Merck, the pharmaceutical company that developed finasteride, actually only intended the drug as a treatment for BPH.  However, it was later found out that a simple finasteride dosage difference can actually be used for treating hair loss issues in men.

The difference in treatment for the two finasteride dosage is actually very simple.  The finasteride dosage of 5mg is actually used for treating prostate enlargement.  Whereas the finasteride dosage of 1mg is used for treating hair loss issues caused by androgenic alopecia, a genetic hair loss trait manifested by pattern baldness.  These different finasteride dosage are actually very easy to discern when you use their branded name – Proscar for BPH and Propecia for male pattern baldness.  But since a lot of men these days prefer to use generic medications, identifying the two finasteride dosage should be cleared on what they actually intend to treat. Continue reading

Simple Age Defying Tips

Even if you are not vain about your looks, it is likely that you prefer to look much younger than what your current age is (unless of course you are a kid who wants to look more mature so you can take advantage of the privilege that only adults can acquire). Yes, it’s true.  Many of us want to stay looking younger.  Even though that’s said, still, age cannot be avoided which is why you need to also have a good perspective of growing old.  Then again, it does not mean we cannot look younger.  There are actually a lot of age-defying products being sold in the market today.  While some may be effective, some are simply crap and made of harsh materials that may even aggravate your aging looks.  To look much younger than how you really are, the simplest way to do it would be the natural way.

  1. Sleep Early – this is actually one of the most effective ways to looking young.  Although the method is quite simple, still many of us fail to do it because of our active lifestyle.  After work, either we take our work home with us, or we take the night out with our friends for some unwinding.  This is actually detrimental to the method itself.  The thing about sleeping early during night time is that you can easily get the rest you need as compared to getting the sleep you need during day time.  In fact, you can get a well-rested sleep during the evening even if you only slept for 6 hours as compared to the many hours you need to get the same amount of rest during day time.  Wrinkles are inevitable when you grow older.  By sleeping early and getting adequate rest, you do not make the wrinkles disappear, but you prevent additional ones from being added. Continue reading