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How Long Does Vardenafil HCl Last?

Vardenafil HCl or generic Levitra is a drug belonging to a group named PDE5 inhibitors whose main purpose is the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  By using vardenafil, men who have sexual impotence will be able to get an erection and have full use of their manhood for sexual activities.  The method of action of vardenafil HCL is it makes blood flow pass into the chambers within the penis with ease.  This can be achieved through the use of vardenafil HCl because it enables the smooth muscles surrounding the said cavity to relax so blood can easily be pumped through.  Through this method of action, the can become hard and erect, suitable for sexual intercourse.

Keep in mind that vardenafil HCl is a medication prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction.  If you got erectile disorder and want to use generic Levitra, visit your medical professional and have them issue you a prescription.  For proper evaluation of your condition, it is important that you disclose essential information so your dosage can be properly assessed. Continue reading

Your Penis and the Things You Ought to Know More About It

For a man, his penis is likely one of the parts about him that he treasures most.  If you ask any guy if a part of him were to be severed, he would surely prefer one of his arms or legs than his penis to be severed.  This is because a man’s penis is something that can give great joy and pleasure.  Without it, maybe from erectile dysfunction issues, he cannot truly call himself a man because the main thing that makes him a man is no longer in working order.

For men, the penis is actually an important part of them.  However, even for men who have their own penis attached to them, there are still some things they do not know about their dangling friend.  The list below shows some of the things you may or may not know about your penis. Continue reading