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Overcoming Male Pattern Baldness the Finasteride Way

When it comes to overcoming male pattern baldness, the subject always seems to be a matter of debate on how to properly address the issue.  In fact, the subject is quite controversial itself that any new product made for treating the male pattern baldness attracts a lot of members from the scientific community, the media, as well as from the mass male public who are seeking for a cure. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is plain and simply the inability to get or bear an erection long and hard enough fit for sexual intercourse.  This is actually a common issue that occurs in older men.  However, the likelihood of it occurring to younger men means there must be certain reasons on why they are having difficulty in achieving it.

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Stress and Aging-related Hair Loss

Most people understand that hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness which comprises of more than 80% of all types of baldness, is hormonal or genetically-related.  For most, it will never really cross their mind that stress and aging can also be a factor when it comes to hair loss.  The truth is these two are even triggering factors androgenic alopecia.  Even if androgenic alopecia is in your blood, without triggering factors like stress and aging, you will not grow bald even if you wanted to. Continue reading